Fitness Tips To Follow if You Hate Working Out

I have certainly never been like Khloé Kardashian or Kelly Ripa whose “happy place” is the gym. I have to

I Grilled a Top Los Angeles Trainer For Her Workout Tips

The holidays have come and gone, and with them, so has my fitness routine (anyone with me?), leaving me in

6 Ways to Feel More Toned By Tomorrow

As a holistic health coach, one of the questions (and text messages) I get most often is along the lines

The Best Fitness Tips From Shay Mitchell’s Trainer

You know her, you love her, you grew up with her on Pretty Little Liars, and rooted for her in You (I’m a


8 Ways to Finally Get out of That Dry Spell

I can recall a time when I found myself in a season of what I like to call “accidental abstinence.”

Haley Cormac Haley Cormac

How To Slow Down Sex To Make It Just Like the Movies

Let’s be clear. I love speed. Fast, fiery, and breathless is a specific kind of joy. We’re talking about high-heat,

Haley Cormac Haley Cormac

Why Are Milenials Having Less Sex?

The rise of dating and hook-up apps means that access to sex has never been easier—at least in theory. Although

Haley Cormac Haley Cormac

Social Distancing Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Sex Life

It’s well-known that a healthy sex life can help our physical and mental well-being. And yet, with the COVID-19 pandemic

Haley Cormac Haley Cormac


Tips to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photos Session

You’re engaged! Congratulations, and welcome to the crazy world of wedding planning.

Why Canva Is My Go-To Hack for Decorating My Home

I love a good home project. On weekends, you can usually find

11 Life-Changing Trips to Take At Least Once

Vacation is always a good idea. No matter where you’re headed, it’s

Summer Dinner Recipes for When It’s Too Hot to Cook

When it’s north of 90 degrees outside and the AC is blasting,

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